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 Wholesale International offers many different services to assist buyers and sellers in dealing with used Material Handling equipment.  Our goal is to provide outstanding service, to all types of companies, in assisting them to achieve their goals of buying or selling used forklifts.


We buy used material handling equipment, one unit or whole fleet, where different situations occur:

  • If you are planning to trade in your used forklifts for new, a lot of times we offer higher cash amounts than dealers do in trade. Sell to us instead, and have more money towards your new equipment.
  • Have extra forklifts not in use? We will pay top dollar for late model, good running forklifts!
  • Closing a Plant? We have the financial capability to buy an entire fleet, we do not “broker”! Every forklift we buy is brought into our warehouse for a rigorous inspection by our mechanics, and added to our inventory.
  • Changing Application? If a plant changes their process resulting in unused forklifts, we will buy them!


If you are a Financial Institution, Leasing Company, or a Dealer we offer the following:

  • Purchase Lease Termination Forklifts
  • Purchase Repossessed Forklifts
  • Repossession Service Available
  • Arrange Freight Transportation
  • Set Residual Values
  • Indoor/Outdoor Storage
  • Condition Reports with Photo
  • Forklift/Fleet Evaluation


In dealing with the leasing industry we can act as your agent to physically repossess any equipment on your behalf.

  • Arrange to pick up the forklift
  • Transfer to our Warehouse
  • Prepare Detailed Condition Reports
  • Photo Inspections
  • Re-Market Equipment
  • Buy Units Direct
  • Indoor/Outdoor Storage
  • Repair & Maintenance Services


We Buy Surplus Forklift Trucks and Material Handling Equipment that is not being used.

  • We pay Cash for Forklifts and Attachments
  • Have the financial ability to purchase Any Quantity
  • Most all Makes & Models, in running condition, in all Capacities!
  • We buy attachments such as Paper Roll Clamps, Carton/Box Clamps, Push/Pull, Coil Rams, etc…


Wholesale International is interested in Buying your entire fleet of forklifts!  We have the financial capability to purchase large groups of forklifts for our inventory.  We do not Broker your equipment unless you want us to. The procedure we would follow is:

  • Physically Inspect Equipment your fleet of forklifts
  • Prepare a written Bid Package
  • Pre-Pay!
  • Arrange and pay for our own Freight!


  • We Buy Competitors Brands
  • Buy Rental Retirements from your Fleet
  • Bid On Trade In Evaluations
  • Full Maintenance Shop Available
  • Dealer Re-Rent program available on Large Capacity, and Specialty Forklifts from our sister company


We offer inspection services for refinancing, lease terminations, insurance purposes, and entire fleet evaluations. We inspect each piece of equipment, and furnish detailed inspection reports with photos.