Inventory # 4980
Make Crown
Model RC5545-40
Type Stand Up End Control Docker
Capacity 4,000 #
Year 2017
Mast 83" lowered/189" maximum fork height Full Free Lift
Power 36 Volt
Transmission AC Drive
Forks 42" Length
Tires Cushion

EQUIPPED WITH - Side shifter, 38 inch class II carriage, AC lift system, multi-task control handle, automatic parking brake, premium dash display, battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt, pin code access capable, event code display, travel speed reduction when forks are above free lift, forward tilt interlock, controlled tilt speeds, cornering speed control, ramp speed control with ramp hold, side stance operator compartment, padded back support with side restraint, padded arm rest, safety strobe, motion alarm, operator fan, InfoLink Ready System, Flex Ride suspension, and blue LED spotlight mounted on overhead guard.

Hour Meter Readings:
H1 – 1279.5
H2 – 1279.5
Odometer – 3604.6 miles
H4 – 1198.2
H5 – 1142.2
Battery compartment – 20.5”