Inventory # 4909
Make Crown
Model RC5535-30
Type Stand Up End Control Docker
Capacity 3,000 #
Year 2014
Mast 95.3" lowered/226" maximum fork height Full Free Triple with 44.2" of Free Lift
Power 36 Volt
Transmission AC Drive
Forks 42" Length
Tires Cushion

EQUIPPED WITH: Side shift, four function valve hosed to the carriage, AC Drive, multi function control handle, electronic dash display, quick disconnects at carriage, 18 inch battery compartment, adjustable arm and hip rests, side-stance operator compartment, front work lights, strobe, driver fan & dome light, power shut down switch, 80% tires and 2185 hours.

TOTAL HOURS: H2-2185, H3-6550, H4-2001, H5-1933, H6-4273. H7-2382, H8-1980, H9-4325.

BATTERY: 36 Volt EnerSys, Serial # RMD781403.

CAPACITY: 2750lb at 190", 2700lb at 208" and 2550lb at max lift height of 226".

ADDITIONAL INFO: 42" wide, 47.2" wheel base, 56.2" turning radius. No load back rest. This unit is clean, has all nice sheet metal, and is in nice operating condition.